Agustín Soler

February 22, 1989 Actor, mime, clown, teacher

He started his artistic career by taking juggling and clowning classes in Buenos Aires and continued with a mime education at the school «Mimo-Teatro Escobar y Lerchundi»investigated in the field of theater with big masters like Guillermo Angelelli, Gonzalo Rodolica, Juia Muzio, Jorge Costa and Marcelo Savignione researched in the field of dance with Silvina Duna, Alejandra Diaz, Federico Moreno and Liliana Cepeda

In 2012 he became part of the company Los Tarantela, with which he performed in 2015 in Cirque Starlight (Switzerland) and in 2016 in Winter Circus Martin Hanson (Netherlands). In 2013 his solo performance Ruedos premiered in Buenos Aires. Constantly researching news formats and artistic expressions, he is successfully presenting his works in festivals, theaters and conventions.


This solo performance combines clowning, mime and juggling. A moving body creates words for a universal language. In the hidden corners of his home, a clown reveals his soul by developing hilarious stories - constantly playing with elements from every day life. Silence, laughter and poetry interweave to a subtle and funny performance leading from minimal details to mayor quests of the human being.

Artistic team

by: Agustín Soler
Original music: Santiago Blomberg
Musicians: Santiago Blomberg, Ey Pacha, German Halili
Costume: Pia Drugueri
Executive production: Pierpaolo Olcese, Agustín Soler
Director: Gabriel Paez
Credits: José Carballo, Matías Silva


  • Encuentro de Clown (DF, México)
  • Festival Periplo (Guadalajara, México)
  • Festival San Pedro Clown (San Pedro, Argentina)
  • Fetival Pico Ríe (La Pampa, Argentina)
  • El Otro Festival (San Juan, Argentina)
  • Festival de Circo Rivera (San Bernardo, Argentina)
  • Festival de Teatro Lincoln (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Festival de Clown del Bolsón (El Bolsó, Argentina)
  • Festival Los Mirones (Río Negro, Argentina)
  • Festival Mundial De Circo (Belo Horizonte, Brasil)
  • Sesc Vila Mariana (Sao Pablo, Brasil)
  • Corriendo la Coneja (Paraná, Argentina)
  • Festival Internacional de Circo (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  • Festival Bahía Teatro (Bahía Blanca, Argentina)
  • Festival internacion de Títeres (Bragado, Argentina)
  • Festival de Circo Calafateño (El Calafate, Argentina)
  • Festival Polo Circo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Circohue (Pihué, Argentina)
  • Circo en Escena (Córdoba, Argentina)
  • FestiClown en primavera (Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • EIMYC (Salta, Argentina)
  • Encuentro de teatristas Zona Sur (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


"Let's move away from the clown's nose, and games to let ourselves experience our own private immensity. Only to later, get back to the clown's nose and games."

This workshop consists in the conquest of our inner self. Its main goal is to acquire conscience and connection with things that usually remain unseen to us. We propose a training to organize and allow our inner world to be shown. To experience the clown's side B, the one that has the body as its main protagonist, by means of a training that will assist us in finding the inhabited corners deep inside ourselves as clowns and performers.

CreditsCréditos: José Carballo